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Rufino R A Sedillos 1876 - 1955

No. 18. On the 13th of September of 1899, I married and veiled Rufino Cedillo, single, legitimate son of Miguel Cedillo, deceased, and of Maria Ines Garcia, deceased, from San Patricio, with Francisca Escolante, single, legitimate daughter of Eugenio Escolante and of Leandra Lopez, from Roswell. Padrinos, Francisco Gutierrez and Angela Cedillo.

The marriage information is from:
The Santa Rita Church of Lincoln County, May 30, 1869--Dec. 12, 1910 (Sacramental Records from the Archives of the Diocese of Las Cruces) and transcribed by Luis G. Padilla y Baca and published by the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico which was originally microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints and is Microfilm FHL 016-756.

Fufino Sedillo Franciska Escalante



Rufino Sedillos Death Certifacate


Robert Sedillos

Rufino Sedillos
Franciska Escalante


Utila Sedillos 1900

Avil Sedillos 1905

Lidia Sedillos 1906

Jonovera Sedillos 1908

Adelina Sedillos 1909

Degenio Virginia 1912

Trinadad Alfred Edward Feb 8 1917

Trinadad Esparanza Robert Feb 8 1917

Alberta Sedillos 1918

Delfina Sedillos 1921

Ray Escalante Sedillos 1925 Mary Sedillo 1926

Delfina - Rufino (Ralph)