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Antonio Sedillo 1704-1788

Enumerated in the 1750 census at Albuquerque p 74 - household #8 - Antonio Sedillo, corporal from the Santa Fe Presidio MU 50, wife Gregoria Gonzales S 37 8 Children Maria 19, Alfonsa 14, Lazaro 14, Antonio 10, Francisca 8, Juana 6, Josefa 1; and and Andres 2 days

Georgia Gonzales Bas 1713-1766


Antonio Sedillo Land Grant
Notice Signature in Top Left corner of map Writen on the back side of the Map.

The current day Hacienda Antigua was built in 1790 by Don Pablo Yrisarri.

Don Pablo Irizarri was born in the Basque country of Spain in the mid 1750s. Like his father, General Santiago Irizarri, he became a soldier in the Spanish army. He was sent to Vera Cruz,Mexico by King Charles III of Spain in the late 1770s. He was commissioned by the King to “recover 1600 burro loads of gold, silver, and valuable church vessels” reportedly buried in the ruins at the Mission Gran Quivira, southeast of Albuquerque. The gold had been taken from the Spanish missions and hidden by the Friars, prior to the Pueblo Revolt in 1680. Whether Don Pablo found the treasure remains a mystery.

Given political tensions at this time, between the Spanish and Mexican governments, Don Pablo changed the spelling of his name to Yrisarri, to conceal his identity and avoid arrest and deportation by the Mexican government.

As a personal envoy from the King of Spain, Don Pablo was given a land grant of thousands of acres, eventually to become known as the Elena Gallegos grant. Don Pablo also acquired other properties throughout the State. Records show Don Pablo’s hand set to official records in Atrisco Land Grant matters in 1782, and later the Sedillo Grant. This and other land grants like it were given to the Don’s as compensation for their “forbearance and endurance in performing the King’s assigned tasks in the face of personal hardships and adversities”. Don Pablo and his son, Don Mariano, built the Yrisarri House, which is the present day Hacienda Antigua, and established a ranch upon this property.



Antonio Sedillo

Georgia Gonzales Bas

Maria 1731 Bap. 21Oct 1731

Alfonsa 1735 Bap. 25Jan 1735

Lazaro 1735 Bap. 25 Jan 1735

Antonio 1748

Francisca 1742Bap.17 Mar 1744

Juana Maria 1744

Josefa 1749

Andres 1750

Land Grant From King Of Spain

Cañada de los Apaches (Antonio Sedillo)

Reel SG 50 (18/323) PLC 15 (34/1229)

Film 1595

Antonio Sedillo

Date Of Royal Land Grant 4/20/1769

Hispano private

Grantor Gov Pedro Fermín de Mendinueta

County's Valencia & Bernalillo

152,879 claimed Acres

86,249 Confirmed Acres