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Robert Evans Withrow 1859 1936

Withrow Family Tree


The Morning Examiner

November 6, 1936

WITHROW R. E. (Robert Evans)
Funeral services for R.E.WITHROW, 77 who died on Wednesday will be held at 2:30 tomorrow afternon at the Neekamp funeral home. Rev. L. A. BOLERJACK, pastor of the Nazarene church will officiate and burial will be at Silver Lake.


Robert Evans Withrow

Born 1859

Obituary Desert Evening News 5 Aug 1897

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From The Desert Evening News 5 Aug 1897
Melissa Anna Shepperd Dyers Mother

Malinda Shepperd

An account, delayed in transmission has been received from Riverton, Lake County of the death of an old lady, Mrs. LeBaron, who was accidently thrown from a wagon and sustained fatal injuries. It appears that she and her daughter-in-law who lives on the prairie between Riverton and herriman had to haul water from the Utah and Salt Lake Canal for culinary purposes, were going down to the canal with a lot of barrels on their wagon, and for some cause, the horses took fright and started on a run. The old lady who was stout and healthy took hold of the lines in connection with her daughter-in-law, wrapping the lines around her wrist and leaning back braced herself against the front gate of the wagon by the powerful strain on the lines broke the horses turned around in the brush and threw the occupants out and while the younger woman, being the more active escaped injuries of a serious character, the older one was struck in the head by the wagon wheels. The blow burst her skull so that her brains oozed out. She remained unconscious to the time of her death, three days later. The accident happened on her sixty-third birthday. She leaves two sons in Riverton Thomas Dyer and Charles Tinlay (or Tinbay?) one of whom has lost his wife some yers ago. She was buried on July 16th.

Servies for Mrs. Malissa WITHROW will be held at 4 this afternoon at the service rooms of the Neekamp Funeral home with Adjt. Ray Broghton of the Salvation Army officiating. Interment will be in Silver Lake cemetery besides the body of her husband R.E. WITHROW who died in 1936.
Casketbearers will include W. T.Duncan, H. F. Moland,Joe Brown D. N.Varec, Harvey Grundy and George Minor


Malissa Anna Dyer

Born: 17 Sep 1869
Greenville, Hunt, Texas, US
Died: 21 Apr 1944
Bartlesville, Osage, Oklahoma, USA

Bartlesville Ok. Nov. 22 1939

United States Dept. Of Interior Five Civilized Tribes Muskogee, Ok.

Dear Sirs
I would please like some information as to the Cherokee Indian claim of my Grandmother, Malissa Ann Witherow, whose maiden name was Malissa Ann Dyer. She derives her Indian blood from her mother, Malinda Angeline Shepherd who was married four times, the last husband name being Labaran.
She is supposed to be a decendant of Pocahontas, her father's mother being third generation from Pocahontas. I would appreciate all the information you could give me as to the roll number of my Grandmother.
Is there any place and record, as to the allottment of Indian land to her, or any of her four children, Ida Mae, Robert A., Effie, or Vincent?
Could you give me any information as to the law or bill, the Legislature tried to pass to reopen the rolls which were closed for the Five Civilized Tribes in March of 1907?
Grandmother is getting old and it seems as one of the old time Cheroke Indian's she should be given her rights
Hoping to hear from you immediately.
I am Your's Sincerely,

Mrs. C. E. Minor
Gen Delivery
Bartlesville Ok

Note: This letter was written by Effie Mae, more commonly known as Mae, who at that time was married to Charles Edward Minor. This was written in 1939, however there was an earlier letter writen from Mae and dated April 13 1934 while she was married to George G. Burghart.


Ida Mae Withrow1886

Lillie M Withrow1890

Robert Arthur Withrow1891

Effie Pearl Ann Withrow1893 1976

Daniel Vincent Withrow1895

Granderson Withrow
Born: 1811, Johnson, Tennessee, USA
Died: 1860, Gibson, Indiana, USA


Richemond Withrow1832

Leander Withrow1835

Sylvester Withrow1837

James Withrow1839

John Withrow
Born: 1777, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA
Died: 1860, Gibson, Indiana, USA

Name: John Withrow
Gender: male
Birth Place: NC
Birth Year: 1777
Spouse Name: Frances ???
Birth Place: VA
Spouse Birth Year: 1782
Number Pages: 1

William Withrow

Born: 1751, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA

Died: 1815, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA

William Withrow

Gender: male

Birth Place: NC

Birth Year: 1750

Spouse Name: Priscella Richardson


Birth Place: NC


Year: 1772

Marriage State: NC

Number Pages: 1

John Withrow

Born: 7 Feb 1719, , Virginia, USA

Died: 1795, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA

Robert Withrow

Born: 1692 Ulster, , , Ireland

Died: 14 Jul 1741, , Virginia, USA

Name: Robert Withrow
Gender: male
Birth Place: No
Birth Year: 1692

Mary Magdalene Holcombe
Born: 1828 , Indiana, USA

Catherine Withrow1845

Ezekiel Withrow1850

Alexander Withrow1852

Franklin Withrow1854

Alonzo Withrow1856

Robert Evans Withrow1859 1936

Frances Walz
Born: 1782, Johnson, Tennessee, USA

Granderson Withrow1811 1860

Richardson Withrow1813 1883

Juliene Withrow1817

Alonzo Withrow1818

Priscilla Richardson

Born: 1752, Rutherford, N Carolina, USA

Died: 1786

John Withrow1777 1860

Mary Etherington

Born: 1721, Augusta, Virginia, USA

Died: 1795

, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA


James Withrow1746 1838

Mary Withrow1750 1836

William Withrow1751 1815

Dorcas Withrow1754

Janette May

Born: 1 Dec 1686Ulster, , , Ireland
Died: 1727, Franklin, Virginia, US

Spouse Name: Janet Withrow


Birth Place: No

Spouse Birth Year: 1686


Year: 1714

Number Pages: 1

John was the son of Robert & Jennet Withrow. They were of Scotch-Irish desent. John and his wife, Mary, settled first in Rowan Co., North Carolina, then on the Second Broad River tributaries in today's Rutherford Co., North Carolina. Their son, James, was a "hero of the Battle of King's Mountain" during the Revolutionary War. James also served in the State Legislature for many terms. While James stayed on in Rutherford Co., N.C., other children left to make their way west into TN. and KY.

It appears from "The Withrow Family Bible" (currently in private collection; but published, 'The Genealogical Society of Old Tyron County, NC. Vol III) that Robert and Janette were married in Ireland; correct date stated: it does not give the location; however there are birth records for their first child William, born 21 March 1717 in the London Archives; it appears that they were 'free travelers with papers' that registered with the colonial government. They appearently arrived in America about 1718; most likely Baltimore. We find them documented and their marriage recorded, in the Adams co. Pennsylvania records along with the birth of their second child John in 1719.Exactally where Robert John died is not known; we know that in the early 1720's they went south through the Cumberland Gap into the frontier. They established a homestead in the Brunswick territory (renamed Augusta in 1738), somewhere near present day Franklin co., Virginia, where Janette died in 1727. Two of his son's went north and west into the Greenbrier region; a huge expanse that strecthed from present day I-81 to the Ohio river, north to Parkersburg and south to Pennyrile (Kentucky) while one pressed farther south. It is only recorded that he died in Virginia; no small place, as at that time everything from the Atlantic ocean to the Ohio river was Virginia.


Joseph Miller